Friday, July 22

The CrossFit Games are going on all weekend (even though we haven't been able to watch much of the individuals so far) and we're planning on watching the finals at the gym on Sunday. Not sure what time everything is taking place so far, but I'll post something on the Facebook group when I know.

Weekly Roundup:

1. Here's a good video on weight loss and how to manage it. Obviously, everything depends on your goals and how much weight you're trying to lose. But if you need to lose a significant amount of weight you should be realistic about the process. It's not all coming off at once. Just like you didn't gain it all at once. Here's a great video from Juggernaut on how to manage your weight loss journey. Remember, be patient, do it the healthy way and your weight will stay off and you will feel great.

2. We've been working the hip hinge recently while maintaining a neutral spine. Here's a quick article from Invictus that shows the difference between neutral and a overextended back position.


3. CrossFit is the new gentrification:

Workout for Friday, July 22 EMOTM for 10 min Odd min: 12/7 Calorie Bike Even min: 5 Deadlifts (65% to 70%) + 11 Sit Ups

5 Rounds For Time: 7 Power Snatches (95/65) 21 Unbroken Wall Balls Rest 1 min *If Wall Ball is dropped, complete remaining reps with burpees **Score is total time including MANDATORY REST**