Monday, July 25

OK, I just posted this article a week or so ago on a Friday just for some good reading material, but since we have muscle ups today I think it's worth sharing again (because now you might actually want to read it). It's a strict muscle up progression from CrossFit Invictus and it breaks the movement down into the three main parts - the pull, the dip and the transition.

If you are weak in any of these areas you need to develop the strength before trying the full muscle up. That means you should be able to do strict chest-to-bar pullups and strict ring dips for multiple reps. Then we can work the transition.

Working negatives in the pullup and the dip will help build strength faster. But don't rush the process. Attempting a movement like a muscle up before you have the necessary strength will only lead to injury.

If you've mastered the pullup and the dip, it's time to move to the transition. Check out the video below on working the negative transition. Trust me, she makes this movement look way easier than it is.

Trust the process and enjoy the journey!

Workout for Monday, July 25 15 min of Ring Muscle Up and Pull Up Practice 30 Ring MU for Time (10 min cap) 50 Pull Ups for Time (10 min cap) 5X5 Negative Pull Ups 5X7 Bar Rows *Choose the option for your current ability to work on strength.

WOD 4 Rounds 21 Burpees Run 400m