Tuesday, August 2

"The disturbing study hit The New York Times front page in May, and now it’s officially out in the journal Obesity: In the years after their “Biggest Loser” triumphs, nearly all contestants on the TV show regain the weight they fought so hard to lose, and their metabolisms end up slower than when they started." This is a quote from NPR Boston affiliate WBUR on how muscle mass is so important to long-term health and weight loss.

The article points out that losing weight too fast means you are losing muscle mass and that leads to a host of other health problems as you age. When you drop too much weight too fast your body has to slow it's metabolism down to keep from wasting away.

"“If someone says, ‘I lost four pounds this week!’ Well, your body can only metabolize, or energize, about two pounds of fat per week maximum, so the other two pounds have to come from some other tissue,” he said. “And people say, ‘Well, it’s just water weight!’ And that’s partly true -- it is water, because water is stored in muscle. Muscle is about 77 percent water. Fat is only 7 percent water.""

This is why strength training is so important as you get older and try to lose weight in a healthy way. Maintaining a good amount of muscle will keep your metabolism high and help keep off weight.

Please read the full article and remember that you don't need to lose all of your weight at once. Do it the right way, keep working out and be consistent over the long term. You will be healthier and keep the weight off long term.

Workout for Tuesday, August 2 5X2 Weighted Pull Ups Superset with Max Effort Chin Ups (Unweighted)

Scale 1: 5 Sets of 2 Negative Pull Ups + 2 Negative Chin Ups Scale 2: 5 Sets of ME Bar Rows w/ Overhand Grip + ME Bar Rows w/ Chin Up Grip

15 min AMRAP Row 400m 12 Toes to Bar Run 1 Lap (220m) 12 Ball Slams