Wednesday, August 3

For the past several years we have been recommending the Paleo Lifestyle for nutrition to our members and athletes. As trainers, we still believe in eating Paleo for loss of body fat, detoxing from sugar, and lowering inflammation in the body. However, over time we have come to find different strategies for different members that have worked to accomplish those same benefits without labeling everything as "strict paleo" or having to conduct a "paleo challenge" to get results. In the next few weeks we will be releasing a nutrition program tailored to those who are living an active lifestyle and exercising at high intensity on a regular basis. We'll have a description of the nutrition program and a template to guide you towards your goals of performing better in the gym and in recreational activities. And of course, the program will be geared towards losing unwanted body fat while maintaining lean muscle tissue. We'll have an open pathway to discuss individual needs and goals as well.

We are very excited to implement this program as a gym and help you reach your goals! The template will be available to CrossFit 616 members along with the general public. Keep your eyes open for the release of the program. As goes with everything: we will gladly lead you toward success in the gym and through nutritional help, but you are ultimately in control of how often you're at the gym, how hard you push yourself in workouts and take care of your recovery needs…AND what food and drink enters your body.

Workout for Wednesday, August 3 Snatch Complex - 1 Complex Every 2 min for 12 min 1 Snatch From Top of the Knee 1 Snatch From Floor *Full Snatches

Back Squat 7X1 @ 85% to 95% NO MAXING OUT! Hang in there, we're coming up on that time soon!

For Time: 50 Alternating Lunges Run 400m 25 Burpees Run 400m