Thursday, August 4

Some quick reminders for the month of August: As always, you must sign up for the 9:30 am CrossFit Class ahead of time. Please only sign up if you are 100% sure you'll be here. Emergencies and illness happens and we understand that, but we don't want anyone to miss out on the workout because you signed up on Wednesday and then changed your mind Friday night at midnight.

The Babes and Bros competition hosted by Grand Rapids CrossFit is coming up on August 13th. If you are looking to do the competition but need a partner please post on the CrossFit 616 Event Group on Facebook. Registration is still open.

There is a sign up for our annual tubing trip on the event board at the gym. The trip is on Saturday, August 20th on the Rogue River in Rockford. We'll meet at AAA Canoe Rentals around 11:30 am as we are scheduled to be bussed out to the river AT NOON. It's about a 3-4 hour float depending on water levels. You'll arrive and take care of payment for your tubes and other needs at AAA Canoe Rental before we head out. ***There will be NO CAP to the 9:30 am CrossFit Class on Saturday, August 20th. We want everyone who is able to participate in the entire day to be able to attend class and then move on to some lunch and the tubing trip. If you have questions about the float, pricing, etc. please visit AAA's website:

Our Wednesday Friendsday for August will be on Wednesday, August 31. This is the best day to bring in a friend, relative, or co-worker who is interested in trying a CrossFit workout.

Lastly, there are shirts for sale in front of the whiteboard. They are on sale for $12 for t-shirts and longsleeves and $15 for hoodies. It's inventory we've had for a while and logos/designs we don't order anymore. Write your name and the size + description on the sheet resting on the whiteboard and we can charge your account. It's exciting to look through shirts, but please leave the piles as you found them...or even nicer looking if you can!

We've got some hand over hand sled pulls and heavy object squats today. These are both movements that you should focus on just as hard as you do when practicing pull ups and squatting a barbell. These will help to continue to build the structure of your obliques and lats so that you can keep performing better during WODs and strength work. Stronger obliques mean better and safer position in squats and pulling barbells off the floor, and helping the lats to support the shoulder. Active and strong lats not only help your pull ups, but they also help keep your shoulders healthy by taking the load instead of weaker shoulder muscles not built for it.

Bottom Line: You MUST have the structure to support the loads you're moving in a workout.

Workout for Thursday, August 4 15 min Not For Time: Complete 10 Hand Over Hand Sled Pulls 5X5 Heavy Object Squat - 1 sec Pause in Bottom

20 min AMRAP 21 KB Swings (1.5/1) 15 Wall Balls (20# to 10', 14# to 9') 90 Double Unders