Monday, August 8

The blog post Friday ended with some thoughts on pain and intensity, and how the brain is good at telling you to shut it down when it feels either one. The reason that CrossFit is so effective as a training program is because it targets the vast spectrum of degrees of intensity. A general CrossFit class and programming might involve Olympic lifts and high intensity WODs while a CrossFit class tailored to athletes ages 65+ might feature extra mobility and body weight squats followed by functional movements performed in a not for time scenario. Everyones' needs for physical activity are the same in type, but differ in degree. So the question that needs to be asked is this: what are your goals when it comes to stepping foot in the gym each day?

Most of us work out for a few simple reasons: 1) Aesthetics: to achieve/maintain an ideal body composition, whatever that may be to each individual. 2) Performance: to perform better as an athlete in CrossFit or recreational sports, or to perform daily tasks without risking injury or fatiguing too much. 3) Quality of Life: to be the healthiest version of you possible and live a long life full of activity and happiness.

There may be other reasons that you come to the gym each day, and that's fine. These are just a few examples. Each of those reasons still requires the correct amount of intensity in order to find achievement. If your coach tells you that today's workout is meant to be a fast burner or a long steady grind with a hard push to the finish then you need to strive to meet that intensity. Each workout, each and every day, is a compounding program to help you achieve that goal you're working toward. If every workout you do turns into you avoiding pushing the limit of discomfort then you're not getting the full benefit of what we do in CrossFit.

Your coaches and the programming are here to make you the best and fittest version of you possible. Listen to their guidance, scale when you need to scale, push harder when they encourage you to push harder. Once you've done that, at the end of each workout no matter how uncomfortable you made yourself, smile and realize that you just took one more step closer to reaching your goals. Oh, and remember at that moment that even though it got uncomfortable, you were lightyears away from passing out and you'll live to see another day (and another workout!).

If you feel like you're having trouble pushing that intensity and you know you could push harder, please talk to one of your coaches so that they can set you up to meet the intensity needed and get you back on track.

Workout for Monday, August 8

Front Squat 7X1 @ 85% to 95% NO MAXING OUT!

9 min AMRAP 1-2-3-4-5...continue increasing by 1 rep each round Bar Muscle Ups 2-4-6-8-10...continue increasing by 2 reps each round Burpee Box Jump Overs *scale BMU with C2B Pull Ups or 2X Chin Over Pull Ups or 3X Jumping Pull Ups