Wednesday, August 10

Sticking with the Olympic theme this week, let's talk about fueling for your particular sport. Here's an old but good article from NPR on how different Olympic athletes eat for different sports. The longer your workout the more carbs you usually need leading up to the event. If you're trying to stay in a weight class you need to eat differently as well.

If your sport is CrossFit - even if it's just your one hour of exercise each day - you should eat to fuel your level of activity. Finding your balance of nutrients may take some time to dial in exactly, but you should be considering the amount of proteins, fats and carbs you are taking in each day.

Another major point is you need to consider WHEN you are taking in those nutrients and try take in the bulk of your carbs around your workout - before and after.

Your diet depends so much on your activity levels and what you want to do - lose weight, gain weight, get stronger, etc...

Pay attention to the details for a while, think about how you feel after eating certain foods and make sure the amount and types of food are getting you where you want to be.

Workout for Wednesday, August 10 Deadlift 1X5 @ 65% 1X5 @ 70% 2X4 @ 75% Controlled Reps back to Floor - NO BOUNCING!

5 Rounds for Time: Run 400m Rest 1 min Run 220m (1 Lap) Rest 1 min