Friday, August 12

Weekly Roundup! 1. You’re About to Find Out How Much Sugar Is Added to Your Food - This is great news! And it's about time. The FDA is finally forcing food manufacturers to tell us how much sugar they add to foods on the nutrition labels. Changes won't start until next year, but hopefully this will lead to a reduction in the amount of added sugar they throw into everything.

2. Here's an interesting article on muscle cramps, the science behind them, and how to possibly prevent them. If you suffer from cramps in endurance events, this might be worth a try. A New Way to Prevent Muscle Cramps

3. And remember during the snatches today don't pull with your arms! Because...

I #hipclean, pls stfu about it ????

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Workout for Friday, August 12 5 Working Sets, 1 Set Every 2:00 3 Hang Snatch (from top of knee, full squat) *Bar does not return to floor between reps*

5 Rounds for time: 6 Thrusters (135/95) 40 Double Unders (or 1 min practice) 6 Bar Facing Burpees

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