Tuesday, August 16

Since we have a group outing this Saturday we are opening up the 9:30 am CrossFit class to anyone that wants to come. There is no cap on the class this week, so you don't need to worry about signing up. We'd like to get as many people together to workout and then we can head to the Rogue River for the tubing trip. This post may be a day late, but I just want to say congrats to everyone that competed this past weekend at Babes and Bros. Also, I want to thank the CrossFit 616 community that showed up to support them - you guys were great, as usual.

All of the competitors should be proud. It doesn't matter if you didn't win, you all put forth exceptional effort and did things you may have never done before. You were definitely tested both physically and mentally (even if it was just trying to figure out kilograms) and you passed with flying colors.

I think I saw some disappointment a couple of times after a tough workout, and I just want to say that there is no reason for that. However, I get it. You are all competitors and expect the best from yourselves every time you go out on the competition floor. We love that about you, but we also know you were doing your best. Yes, sometimes the weights get a little too heavy and sometimes technique breaks down, but we know you will learn from that and be better next time.

Every time we watch a group from this gym compete we're proud to be your coaches. You always represent 616 well with your attitudes and movement. And we thank you for that.

And to the rest of the community, you always show up and prove that we have the best group of people around. So happy to have you all in the 616 family!

Workout for Tuesday, August 16 Deadlift 1 Rep @ 80% EMOTM for 15 min Slow Tempo Up and Controlled Down to Floor!

Beginner Strength: 5X5 with Regular Tempo

For Time: 22-16-10 Deadlifts (225/155) Bar Hop Burpees

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