Thursday, August 25

In case you missed the conversation on our Facebook group page today, we're trying to get as many teams together for the Fittest of the Fall competition on October 15 at Lake State CrossFit in Dewitt. As Cori said, "As you know Lake State is hosting a guy/girl comp called "Fittest of the Fall". If we can I would love to get 10+ teams together for this. They were the biggest supporters of our competition in June bringing 10 teams over. If we can show them the same amount of love and support they gave us that would be great. This is a great way to support the CrossFit community outside of our own 616 community. Registration is open! Here is the link. Once you have regestered your team please let us know. If we get enough teams we will shut down the gym for that Saturday. PLEASE SIGN UP!!"

Also, if you're not on Facebook or haven't been added to the CrossFit 616 Event Group page please let us know. We've had a bunch of new people join the gym this summer and it's just hard to make sure we friend and add everyone to the group. Especially if you're inept at social media like me (Brian). (Guess I need some lessons from Christian and Pat!)

That Event Group page is where we post everything from social gatherings outside of the gym to other gym news and upcoming events. You can also find dog and or baby sitters there too!

If you're not on Facebook, well... better find a friend who is.

Let us know if you're not in and we will add you. We want you to join us in the fun!

Workout for Thursday, August 25 Overhead Carries + Farmer's Carries 100ft Carries, 5 Rounds of each *Use Kettlebells or Dumbbells for Each

4 Rounds for Time 18 Toes to Bar 18 Burpees

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