Tuesday, August 30

We are maxing out our back squat today. For many of you this may be the first time you've maxed out and for some if may be another test after years of training. No matter where you are in your training, remember that this is just a test of where you are on one particular day and just that. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up and get down on yourself if you don't set a new PR or hit some particular number. Remember, goals should be behavior based and not outcome based. You can only control how much and how hard you work. You can't control the outcome of that work most of the time. Some days you just don't have it and some days you do. There are a lot of other factors that go into your performance in the gym - nutrition, sleep, stress, etc...

If this is your first time maxing out or you're an old pro, remember that a new PR is not worth getting hurt over. We know that technique will start to break down as we reach max efforts, but let's only take that so far. Save yourself for the next session(s).

Once you reach the higher percentages you should have someone's eyes on you, possibly a spotter or be comfortable bailing under heavy loads. Knowing how to miss is just as important as making a lift. If you are not comfortable bailing, please have a spotter or spotters!

Here's a quick video on how to miss a back squat.

Workout for Tuesday, August 30 1 RM Back Squat - 30 min 1X3 @ 60% 1X3 @ 70% 1X3 @ 75% 1X2 @ 80% 1X1 @ 85% 1X1 @ 90% 1X1 @ 100% 1X1 @ 100%+

4 Rounds - Rest 1 minute after each round Rounds 1 and 3: Row 250m

Run 1 Lap (220m)

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