Wednesday, August 31

It's Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend that has never tried CrossFit to any class today! I came across the video below while doing some running research and I think it's full of great advice for anyone that wants to run a lot or run a long distance.

The video is a simple strength test to see if you are ready to start training for a marathon or any long distance. They use simple movements like the push and plank to test your core and upper body strength.

It may seem silly to test the upper body when talking about running, but if you cannot stabilize your midline (spine) and control your upper body while running you will most likely be unable to keep your hips stable and that will lead to poor movement patterns in the lower body.

And poor movement patterns lead to pain and injury.

Check out the video and take the simple tests to see if you are ready to run and stay stable over the long haul.

Workout for Wednesday, August 31 3x12 Seated Dumbbell Press Work up in weight

20 min AMRAP Run 400 w/ Slam Ball (30/20) 9 Ball Slams (30/20) 9 T2B

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