Friday, September 16

Back to a full schedule on Saturday this week. Weightlifting and Elements at 8:30 am and CrossFit at 9:30 am. Remember, you need to sign up in advance for CrossFit at 9:30 and you need to cancel 24 hours in advance if you're not going to make it - someone wants that spot! You do not need to sign up in advance for weightlifting or Elements. Weekly Roundup time!

1. We see a lot of amazing, inspirational stuff every day in our social media feeds. We see the best athletes in CrossFit and other sports doing things we can only dream about. But the Paralympics are inspirational on another level. Watching these guys run 100 m just about a second slower than Usain Bolt without the aid of vision is ridiculous. Makes the little issues I have seem silly too. Don't let anything hold you back!

2. The case for treating sugar like a dangerous drug. Read it and decide for yourself. Just know what sugar does to your body and how addictive it can be.

3. A quick post on hand care. If you aren't shaving those calluses down you need to! If they build up they are more likely to tear. I prefer shaving calluses after I shower when the skin is softer, but however you do it BE CAREFUL!

Workout for Friday, September 16 10 min of Handstand Practice Holding Handstands, HSPU, Piked Handstand Holds, etc.

7 min AMRAP 3 Thrusters (155/105) 5 HSPU

Rest 2 min

2 min AMRAP Burpees (to target out of reach overhead)

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