Wednesday, September 21

We've seen a few of you that are on the nutrition plan this month talking about the seemingly large portions of food for some of the meals. Hopefully your body will get used to the larger portions soon, but I wanted to talk about the concept of "eating for volume" for a bit. When you are eating real food and not processed junk, the volume of food is typically greater. That's because real food, especially veggies and fruit, are not calorically dense. These foods are nutrient dense, but there aren't as many calories per gram compared to processed foods. That means you need a greater volume of real food to equal the same amount of calories in processed food. It also means you're getting a lot more nutrients on your plate.

Most diet plans these days are based on macronutrient ratios - your balance of proteins, fats and carbs. There are some of these diets that don't care what you eat as long as it fits in your ratio of macros. You may have heard of IIFYM (If it fits your macros) or Flexible Dieting. However, we aren't just concerned with macros. We want the food you eat to be nutritious as well.

Eating for volume should be helpful to keep you full between meals as well. You could eat one piece of candy and get 20 grams of carbs or you could eat an entire bowl of vegetables. Which one do you think is going to satisfy your hunger better? Which one is healthier?

It'll probably take your stomach a little while to get used to bigger meals, but try to enjoy your food and focus on the benefits of eating real, nutritious meals.

Check out the pictures below from Working Against Gravity on how a protein bar compares to a plate of real food and how a piece of candy compares to tomatoes. Same macro count, but a lot more volume (and nutrition) on the plates of real food!

Workout for Wednesday, September 21 30 min Not For Time 5X5 Landmine Rows 5X2 Heavy Object Squats - 5 Sec Pause in bottom 5 Single Arm Farmer's Carry - 1 carry = Down w/ Left, Back w/ Right

EMOTM for 15 min 5 Cal Assault Bike 5 Burpees

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