Thursday, September 22

Don't cheat the movement, scale the movement. This is a concept we should all be familiar with. No one can do it all and we need to be able to scale movements properly so that we can progress towards the end product. Most of the time, when scaling we want to preserve the full range of motion of the movement whenever possible. So we can scale the loading, the speed or volume in order to practice the full movement and progress.

This is why we do full range of motion negative pull-ups to get stronger. Or why we do piked push-ups and dumbbell presses to get better at handstand pushups. We want to put the joints and muscles through the full range of motion first, then increase the difficulty as we get stronger.

If you do pull-ups without getting your chin over the bar or not coming to full extension of the arms at the bottom you are cheating the movement. That is NOT the same as scaling the movement.

You will never get strong enough to do the full movement if you are cheating it. The ends of the range of motion are usually the weakest parts, so we need to focus on full ROM (range of motion) in order to build strength all the way through.

This can be applied to any movement - like hitting the full depth on a squat. And it's why we don't like to use stacked Abmats under the head to build to handstand pushups.

We've all seen the half squats and push-ups plastered on our social media news feed and laughed. People trying to load up too much weight and doing partial reps just to get Internet famous. Let's not fall into that trap. Focus on full range of motion first to preserve good health and mobility of your joints and you'll be able to get much stronger as you progress properly through scaled versions of difficult movements.

Workout for Thursday, September 22 Snatch Complex - 1 Complex Every 3 min for 18 min 1 Power Snatch 1 Squat Snatch 1 Overhead Squat

Front Squat 5X3 @ 80% to 85%

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