Monday, September 26

We work so hard in the gym to increase performance. We come in and warm up, lift heavy and push ourselves during the WOD. All in an effort to get fitter and better. But then what happens?

You may have noticed that we aren't letting you just roll around on the ground after workouts. We want you to get up and go for a walk or hop on a bike. We want you to cool down!

Cooling down properly sets your body up to take full advantage of the work you just completed. You have a small window to keep your body from getting stiff and preparing it to adapt for new and greater stimuli.

Just like post workout nutrition, your cool down will allow you to recover properly so your muscles can grow and perform better each time you work out.

Check out the video below from Mobility WOD on how not cooling down can lead to other performance problems like poor mobility, poor performance or even injury.

You may not be able to do a 30 minute cool down each day, but even 5-10 minutes of moving and bringing your heart rate down can make a big difference in how your body adapts to the workout you just completed and how you will feel the next day.

Workout for Monday, September 26 Every 2 min for 8 min Row 15 Cal + 15 Wall Balls Rest 2 min Every 2 min for 8 min Ride 7 cal + 7 Wall Balls Rest 2 min 8 min AMRAP 10 Air Squats 8 Russian KB Swings (2/1.5) 6 Burpees

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