Tuesday, September 27

Congrats to everyone that competed over the weekend. That was a really tough competition and you all did great. Lots of things accomplished for the first time like climbing a peg board and a lot of exceptional efforts over the whole weekend. Thanks too to everyone that came out to watch and cheer them on! Here's a short article on the concept of progressive overload from CrossFit Invictus. This article explains how we need to progress slowly as new lifters so the ligaments and tendons can strengthen properly as the muscles get stronger. This is the basis for our beginner strength program (e.g. squatting for 10 weeks before testing a max). Developing your strength slowly and with good technique will pay off big time down the road. It's fun to load up big weights, but be patient and you will stay healthy and see greater performance as you go forward. TENDONS TAKE TIME – UNDERSTANDING HOW WE ADAPT TO PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD

Workout for Tuesday, September 27 Back Squat 5X5 @ 70% to 75%

4 Rounds for Time: 3 Squat Cleans (185/125) 6 C2B Pull ups 9 Hand Release Push Ups

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