Wednesday, September 28

Today is Wednesday FriendsDay - bring a friend who has never tried CrossFit to any class today! Here's a quick video from the CrossFit Rowing seminar on staying connected to the rower through your entire posterior chain (muscles on the back of the body).

Getting into the proper catch position at the front of the stroke and then getting the heels down to drive should give you a moment of weightlessness as you drive.

Next time you are on the rower, try to think about the feeling in that catch position. Are you connected through your posterior chain? Do you feel that bit of weightlessness? Do you feel the catch of the handle and fan as you begin to push?

Check out the video and give these drills a try sometime.

Workout for Wednesday, September 28

Jump Rope Warm Up, leading into: Double Under Practice 3 min to practice Complete as many sets of 50 reps as possible, rest 10 sec between sets.

Hand Over Hand Sled Pulls Complete 8 Pulls Total (50' each) Choose light enough weights to keep sled moving without breaking form

3 Rounds For time: 11 Ball Slams (30/20) 11 Slam Ball Sit Ups Run 400m Cash Out with 25 Burpees Over the Slam Ball

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