Friday, September 30

Weekly Roundup! 1. He's talking about CrossFit, but I think this mindset should apply to everything in our lives. "What is the best thing I can do right now, at this moment, to maximize my potential?"

2. Kidney stones? Maybe a roller coaster ride could help! A Health Benefit of Roller Coasters

Workout for Friday, September 30 Strict HSPU Practice 5 sets of ME UB Strict HSPU, rest 2 min between each Practice Progression of Removing Abmats Handstand Holds Against Wall Piked Handstand Holds or Piked HSPU 5X3 Seated DB Presses with 2 Sec Hold Overhead

15 min AMRAP 18 Pistol Squats (alternating legs) Run 400m 12 T2B

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