Tuesday, October 11

Remember that there are NO CLASSES this Saturday because a whole bunch of us are competing at Lake State CrossFit in DeWitt. Also, if you'd like to support Barbells for Boobs you can still order a t-shirt or tank top. Orders need to be placed by this Friday, October 14. All profits from the sales of these shirts go directly to Barbells for Boobs.

Now, onto today's workout...

I was going to post a video with some double under techniques and tips, but I decided not to. Why? Because when I searched Youtube I got about 49,000 results. Sure I could've just picked one, but you can do that on your own. The fact is, none of the videos, tips, tricks or whatever matter unless you actually practice them.

There is no substitute for practice.

You can watch all 49,000 videos or you can practice double unders for 10 minutes a day. Which do you think will produce better results?

Of course there is proper technique and ways to be more efficient, but you can learn that in a few minutes. The real difference comes in the practice time. It's all about coordination and timing and if you aren't practicing on a regular basis your brain and body will not make the connection. We need to wear those patterns into the nervous system.

So, go search Youtube if you want. Or spend a few minutes each day with your jump rope. I promise you'll be happier with the latter, and you'll have a lot fewer whip marks too!

Workout for Tuesday, October 11 13 min of Pull Up Practice 4 Sets of ME Strict Pull ups + ME C2B + ME Pull ups Without Coming off the Bar Or use time to practice Kipping Pull Ups and Negatives

For Time: Buy in with 100 Double Unders 40 Russian KB Swings (2/1.5) 40 T2B 40 KB SDLHP Cash Out with 100 Double Unders

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