Wednesday, October 12

If you're competing this weekend we are going to carpool from the gym. Registration is from 8-8:30 am so we are meeting at 6:45 in the 616 parking lot. We will be on the road at 7 am. That will give us plenty of time to get there, get registered and maybe have a coffee before we get started. Athlete meeting is at 8:45 am and the first workout starts at 9 am. We've got pistols in the workout and we are going to work some calf and ankle mobility before hand. Rolling the soft tissue works great to get things started, but you can add in some banded distraction to the ankle joint to get a deeper stretch. Here's a video from the WOD Doc on mobilizing the ankle for better pistols. Give it a try!

Workout for Wednesday, October 12 Shoulder and Calf/Ankle Mobility

10 Rounds For Time: Run 1 Lap (220m) 6 Pistols (alternating Legs) 5 Ring Dips 4 HSPU

3 to 5 minute cool down - walk or bike lightly.

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