Friday, October 14

Remember, no classes this Saturday. We are closed and headed to Lake State CrossFit in DeWitt for the Fittest of the Fall competition. Click here for details on the event. Weekly Roundup!

1. A few of you have referenced the latest episode of Barbell Shrugged about nutrition so I thought I'd throw it up here for everyone to see. It's worth an hour of your time to watch or listen to a very honest conversation about eating in a healthy sustainable way.


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Workout for Friday, October 14 In 10 minutes: Build Up to Heavy Set of 5 Push Press In 10 minutes, using 60% of Heavy Push Press Set: Max Effort Strict Press + Max Effort Push Press

9 min Clock 100 Air Squats 50 Walking Lunges In remaining time AMRAP of: Power Snatches (75/55)

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