Thursday, October 27

We are snatching and overhead squatting today. The snatch is the most complex lift we do and we know it can be a very frustrating lift. It requires strength, speed, athleticism, coordination, mobility and more to be performed successfully and it's very tough to have all of those things working at the same time. Don't get frustrated! People work on these lifts for years and years to get good at them and most of us are relative babies in the sport of weightlifting. Work with weights you can handle and refine your technique so you're not creating bad habits that will just be harder and harder to break as time goes on.

Also, we teach the snatch and clean and jerk here the way USAW teaches the lifts. That's one particular style. There are people that teach other styles. This doesn't mean anything except that there are different ways of doing the same thing. We teach one style to avoid confusion with new lifters and keep everything consistent from our coaches and classes.

If you've been lifting for a few years and want to try some new things, by all means try them. If they work for you cool. But please do this after a long time of training. There are certain parts of these lifts that are universal among all styles and those need to be done correctly and consistently for a long time before experimenting with the little things.

I say this because I like showing you the best lifters in the world making great lifts. It's great to see these videos for inspiration and to study technique, but please remember that their technique might be different than yours. Also remember that just because someone makes a big lift doesn't mean that it is technically perfect.

With all that being said, here's the youth snatch world record that was set last week by Columbian Yeison Lopez. He's only 17 and he is snatching 160 kg/352 lb. in the video below. He weighs 77 kg/170 lb.

Workout for Thursday, October 27 Snatch - Full Snatch from Floor 2 Rep2 EMOTM for 5 min @ 65% Rest 1 min 1 Rep EMOTM for 5 min @ 75% Rest 1 min 1 Rep EMOTM for 5 min @ 80%

7 min AMRAP 1-2-3-4-5-6...Continue Increasing by 1 Rep Power Snatch (135/95) Overhead Squat

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