Friday, October 28

We will have Elements and Weightlifting classes Saturday at 8:30 am. Elements will focus on clean and jerk technique and then do Grace as their workout for Barbells for Boobs. Weightlifting class will be a little less formal than normal - you'll be on your own to warm up and get started, but we will be open. Also, there's a new link to donate to the 616 Team for Barbells for Boobs. If you donated on the old page that is fine, they are moving everything over for us to their new site. Here's the new link to share:

Weekly Roundup!

1. Some tips for stringing those toes to bar together. Not anything brand new here, but sometimes it's better to see someone demonstrate the "what to do" vs. "what not to do". Only thing I'd change is that the last part about pulling your feet away from the bar could be pulling your feet down from the bar. Whether you pull away or down it needs to be active and controlled from you and not just letting them drop casually.

2. Sure, some people are training for the CrossFit Games or the Olympics, but for most of us, this quote from Pat Sherwood sums it up! (And I promise we'll try harder on the music ;) ;))

Workout for Friday, October 28 15 min to Establish 5 min hold of Heavy Object Hold Object just below sternum, accumulate 5 minutes Total. Each hold should be maximum effort.

Tabata - 32 Rounds, Rotate movements every 30 sec V Ups or Sit Ups Burpees Mountain Climbers Ball Slams

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