Thursday, November 3

Some days it just isn't there. It happens to all of us and to the best of the best. Here's a recent Instagram post from weightlifter and national champion Mattie Rogers showing a recent training session and what she had to say about it. "When a "daily max" snatch turns into "work up to as heavy as your body will allow", then go back down, start over, spend another 2 hours trying to fix things, end up at 90% for majority of it, until you literally cannot snatch anymore... for a grand total of 3 hours snatching alone... #RIP. My heart, my soul, my entire body, am I made out of pudding? Are there legs attached to my body? Am I dead? Will I be able to get out of bed tomorrow? I'm not sure."

There's something refreshing to see the best struggle at times. All we see is the wins and records and it's hard to remember that everyone has bad days. Don't let your bad days get to you. Sometimes you drop the weight down and keep training and sometimes you have to know when to call it good. Either way, there's always tomorrow!

Workout for Thursday, November 3 20 min Not for Time 5X5 Landmine Rows Superset With: 5 Sled Pulls (Hand over Hand)

Death By KB Swings + Push Ups 1 KB Swing + 1 Push Up first miniute, 2 +2 the second... Continue adding 1 rep to each minute, KB Swings always first.

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