Monday, November 12

The Row Raiser is this Saturday! Really looking forward to this fun event with a bunch of great people for a great cause. At the time I am writing this there are still a few spots available on one of the teams! To get ready for the Row Raiser and to help us all get a little more efficient on the erg (rower), I'm going to post a different rowing technique video every day this week.

Rowing technique makes a big difference in how efficient you are and how easy/difficult your rowing workouts will feel. Take some time to slow down your stroke during warm ups and workouts to get the technique down and then speed it up as you get more comfortable. It will make your life better!

Let's start with the four basic positions for rowing:

Workout for Monday, November 12 Back Squat - 1 Rep Every Round, Each Rd is 1:30 Rounds 1-3: 75% Rest Round 4 Rounds 5-7: 80% Rest Round 8 Rounds 9-11: 85% Rest Round 12 Rounds 13-15: 90%

7 min AMRAP 10 Russian KB Swings (2/1.5) 10 Burpees

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