Wednesday, November 16

We've got a little running in the workout today! So, if you don't skip because of that (wink, wink), make sure you bring some warm clothes to run in! Don't worry, it's just one 800. Today's rowing tip is all about mobility. Sure, it's great to know the right positions we should be in when rowing (see Monday's blog), but if you can't get in those positions what do you do?

Here's a video from Mobility WOD on improving hip flexion, hamstring mobility and ankle mobility for rowing. These mobilizations will also help squatting, deadlifting, etc... so give them a try!

Workout for Wednesday, November 16 Deadlift - 20 min to complete sets 7X2 @ 85% Touch and Go with Controlled Negative on EACH REP

6 min AMRAP 2-4-6-8-10...Increasing by 2 Reps Each Round Deadlifts (255/165) Box Jumps Rest 2 min Run 800m for time

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