Thursday, November 17

I think this idea is finally becoming well known, at least in the fitness bubble we live in, but nutrition is much more important than exercise when it comes to weight loss. Also, nutrition should be the base of our fitness pyramid. If we aren't eating enough of the right, nutritious food, we will not perform well and we open ourselves up to injury and disease.

Here's the pyramid from CrossFit on the theoretical development of an athlete:

If you're unsure of what and how much to eat it's time to join Fueling Activity, the CrossFit 616 nutrition plan. We will tell you exactly what to eat, how much of it and when to eat it so you are getting the proper nutrients at the proper time to support your activity levels.

The next round of Fueling Activity starts November 28 and you can sign up now at the gym.

Here are some testimonials from Round 2

"I didn’t measure my waist with a tape but I three weeks in I had to buy new jeans 2" smaller in the waist and as a write this they are sagging already. The scale says I lost 7 lbs but my muscles are larger, feel harder, and I feel like my workouts are better."

"I am down from 191.5 to 183lbs the last time I weighed myself. I have more definition in my lats, delts, traps, and pecs. The fat around my mid section has decreased significantly and seeing my abs. I don't feel like I've lost any strength and my workouts have really kicked butt since week 3. I still have days where I feel that I'm not eating enough but I'm enjoying the results and would recommend the plan to anyone."

"The program really helped me understand good proportions and how to properly time your meals which is exactly what I was looking for!"

Now, here is your next rowing tip of the week! Work on consitency in the stroke and controlling your stroke rate. Also, learn how to use the recovery (slide back in) to actually recover and rest the legs.

Workout for Thursday, November 17 10 min of Shoulder and Hip Mobility

Open WOD 15.3 14 min AMRAP 7 Ring Muscle Ups 50 Wall Balls 100 Double Unders

Scaled: 7 Jumping Pull Ups 7 Ring Dips or Matador Dips 50 Wall Balls 1 min of Double Under Practice

5 min low Intensity Cool Down + Stretching or Rolling

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