Tuesday, November 22

We're excited to announce that Annika will now have massage hours at the gym. She will be available for appointments at 616 on Mondays and Wednesdays during non-CrossFit class times beginning December 5. All appointments will be set up through Annika's massage studio Back to Better Massage. The phone number is 616-202-1458. Call to set up your appointment today! Also, starting Saturday, December 3 we will have a 10:30 am aerobic capacity class. This class will focus on one thing - building your aerobic engine. As we approach the 2017 we need to start building our work capacity and some longer, steady-state and interval cardio needs to be in our program. We often don't have enough time during the weekly classes to get this kind of stuff in, but it is so important to our success in the Open which has measured work capacity more than anything else over the years. This is the kind of work we all need, but don't do on our own very well.

This class is open to anyone whether you're interested in doing the Open or not. We will say that, although you may be tempted, it probably isn't wise to do three hours in a row on Saturday - weightlifting, CrossFit and aerobic capacity. This is another specialty class to supplement your training, but it needs to be balanced with your overall training volume during the week.

Please make sure you are listening to your body, eating enough nutritious food and getting plenty of rest and sleep for recovery.

Workout for Tuesday, November 22 Front Squat 3X6 @ 65% 2X5 @ 70%

For Time: Row 2K EMOTM Thrusters 1 Thruster the 1st min, 2 the 2nd, 3 the 3rd, continue adding 1 each min

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