Friday, November 25

We're about six months out from Memorial Day so we will do Murph to test where we are right now. Doing this workout twice a year is plenty, but we do like to retest it at Thanksgiving so we can measure our progress and plan what we need to work on. Murph isn't necessarily the hardest workout, but it is long. Try to approach it with that mindset and keep moving. Also, remember who this workout is named after and why we do it every Memorial Day with other CrossFiters around the world.

It may be a little chilly so dress appropriately and in layers so you can run in warm clothes and shed them easily when you get back inside.

Now for the Weekly Roundup!

1. Want to try some accessory work on those glutes? Try some weighted and band resisted glute exercises to strengthen that booty.



2. Ever feel like this? Fight the darkside!




Workout for Friday, November 25 Murph Run 1 mile 100 Pull Ups 200 Push Ups 300 Air Squats Run 1 Mile

Break Up Pull Ups, Push Ups and Squats as needed. If you have a 20lb vest, wear it.

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