Tuesday, November 29

I was watching some training videos over the weekend and one of the coaches said something that really jumped out at me. I'll paraphrase it here, but power lifter Mark Bell said that your training should leave you hungry for more. It's not always about doing the most you can every day when lifting heavy. There's got to be time spent with lighter weights, working on technique and getting better at the movement. We lift based on percentages a lot. Or we have a slow progression from week to week for our beginner strength program. Sometimes those sessions feel easy. Sometimes they feel hard. That's how strength cycles work. Some weeks are meant to be recovery weeks. Sometimes there's a few sessions in a row meant to wear you down before the recovery. Understanding these concepts helps you approach the session properly and stick with the percentages the best you can even if things feel easy or hard.

If it feels easy, enjoy it and be ready to come back for your next session and crush it. If it feels hard know that you just made it though a tough session and lived to tell about it and let that motivate you because you just accomplished something.

Let technique days with light weights build your confidence for the next time you lift heavy. Remember how good that snatch at 60% felt and apply that movement pattern to 80%.

Yes, we build our cycles like we are working towards a competition even though we know that's not what it's always about. Some of us just like to exercise and have no interest in competing and that's ok. But the people that compete in weighlifting, crossfit, etc. have developed the best systems to improve your lifting and fitness. So we use those methods to train to be our best even if there is no competition down the road.

You'll hear us talk about the CrossFit Open and Games more over the next few months because we use the Open as our "season." That's means our strength and conditioning cycles over the year are built around the calendar that have the CrossFit Open in March as our competition season.

If you are competing in the Open, your fitness should be peaking right around the end of February into March. If you're not competing in the Open you'll be in the same boat. It doesn't really matter whether you compete or not, but it is the best way to build our fitness over the course of the year.

Trust the system, enjoy the easy days, embrace the hard ones and stay hungry!

Workout for Tuesday, November 29 Back Squat 1X10 @ 60% 2X6 @ 70% 1X5 @ 75%

13 min AMRAP 40 Wall Balls 20 Cal Row 40 Double Unders 20 T2B

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