Thursday, December 1

We're maxing our deadlift today which can be a lot of fun, but lifting maximal loads has to be done intelligently. Remember the post from Tuesday about your training leaving you hungry for more! If you have never maxed out and this is your time, then it's going to be a bit of an educated guessing game. But once you get to heavy lifts, your first priority should be safety. We like to do a technical max, which means you max out with perfect form and don't sacrifice safety just to lift a few more pounds.

If you're an experienced lifter, be happy with small gains and don't be disappointed if you don't set a new PR. The longer you have been lifting, the harder it is to PR every time we max out.

If you set a five-pound PR, be happy with that. You don't need to keep going. You should be happy with every PR lift and remember that there are years of training still ahead of you.

Have fun, be smart and do your best, but never sacrifice safety for a few extra pounds!

Workout for Thursday, December 1 Deadlift 1RM

5 min AMRAP HSPU *Every time you come off the wall, Row 10/7 Calories **Scale HSPU with Seated DB Presses

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