Tuesday, December 6

Don't forget that Annika now has massage hours at the gym! That's right, Back to Better Massage has hours at CrossFit 616 now on Mondays and Wednesdays. All appointments will be set up through Annika’s massage studio Back to Better Massage. The phone number is 616-202-1458. Call to set up your appointment today!

If you don't know Annika, she is a 616 member and massage therapist currently working at Train Out Pain Chiropractic. I've used her services more than once and woud highly recommend her services.

A CrossFitter herself, she understands what we do and how we need help to stay mobile and how to relieve tension and sore or achy spots. She provides medical massage and cupping services with more to come down the road.

We're very excited to be able to offer her services to help us all feel great!

Workout for Tuesday, December 6 Front Squat - Pause in Bottom 2X3 @ 60% to 65% 2X2 @ 70% to 75% 3X1 @ 80% to 85% *Focus on Position Driving Up and Hips Staying Under You

11 min AMRAP 9 Cal Row 7 DB Thrusters 5 Bar Muscle Ups

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