Wednesday, December 7

"A fitness program is worthless unless it has a diet and nutrition end." - Greg Glassman, CrossFit founder.

You simply can not be fit without proper nutrition. We believe in the model that has fitness on the opposite end of the spectrum of sickness. Wellness falls in the middle. That means if you are fit, you are better than just not sick.

If your fitness falls off a little, you just move back towards wellness, you don't immediately fall into sickness. But if you are leaving nutrition out of your fitness program you are not as fit as you could be and you are closer to wellness and, therefore, sickness than someone with a good nutrition plan.

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Let us know if you have questions about nutrition or your fitness in general. If you are having trouble reaching performance goals in the gym they may be more factors to consider than your training. Sleep and nutrition play a huge role in your sucess with workout so don't ignore them!

Workout for Wednesday, December 7 Push Jerk 7X2 Work out of rack or off blocks - Build Up with Good Lifts

20 min Not For Time: 5X7 Landmine Rows 5 Overhead KB Carries - Left Arm Down, Right Arm Back (50' each) Complete 8 Rope Climbs or Rope Climb Scales

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