Thursday, December 8

The American Open starts tonight in Orlando, Florida and you can watch a live stream here. The American Open is one of two national weightlifting meets in the U.S. each year and will feature top weightlifters from across the country. If you're interested in weightlifting (snatch and clean and jerk) then I highly recommend watching the best of the best do it. You'll see some differences in technique, but the foundations are always there.

Also, the American Open is changing it's format in 2017 to three series events and one finals rather than one meet like it has been. And the third meet in the series is going to be in Grand Rapids in September next year!

We're going to help host this meet and even though it's a long way off we're excited to help bring a national meet to GR and get to witness the best in American weightlifting. And who knows, maybe some West Michigan Barbell members will be competing!!!!!

Workout for Thursday, December 8 Power Cleans - Complete 7 Sets One Set Every 3 min 5 Hang Power Cleans Build Up with Good Reps

10 Rounds - Each Round is 2 min Ride :15 Max Effort 12 Unbroken Wall Balls (20# to 10', 14# to 9') Rest Remainder of Each Round

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