Friday, December 9

Full schedule this Saturday!8:30 am Elements and Weightlifting. 9:30 am CrossFit - Please sign up in advance! 10:30 am - Aerobic Capacity

We won't tell you that you can't do all three classes, but it may not be the best decision for you every week. Listen to your body and make sure you are eating enough to support your activity levels! That may mean having a snack between classes. And just because there are three classes, doesn't mean you HAVE to do three classes.

Weekly Roundup!

1. I'm not saying this is Tom, but...

2. People that become great at something (and I mean, the best of the best) have a different kind of focus. Pitcher Tom Seaver was a pitcher. Sounds funny, but that's who he was all the way through. It was his job, but it shaped everything else in his life. Everything he did, every decision he made was to make him a better pitcher. This is the stuff of greatness.

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3. I'm not saying this is Cori, but...

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Workout for Friday, December 9 Heavy Object Carries 5 Times in Each Direction: Forward 30' + Backward 30' Side Step Left 30' + Side Step Right 30' Heavy Object Squats: 5X2 with 3 second pause in Bottom

12 min AMRAP 6 Ring Dips 9 Box Jump Overs 12 Russian Twists (30/20)

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