Wednesday, December 14

We have a heavy day today! Working up to a heavy snatch single and then some heavy-ish back squats. Remember that heavy is always a relative term and is different for every individual. In the Olympic weightlifting class we have more time to discuss and practice the finer details of the snatch, clean, and jerk. And if you haven't had the chance to attend this class we encourage you to give it a try to dial in your technique.

There are certain fundamentals of weightlifting that every successful weightlifter does, but as you get more and more experience you may find some things work better for you than someone else. And that's ok. But the fundamentals must always be there.

For most of us, the snatch and clean and jerk are relatively new lifts. We've been doing them for less than five years, or maybe less than one year. We're in that phase of training of still trying to get the fundamentals down.

So as you're building up in your lifts today, please take the time to get the movement right at lighter weights before going up.

Now, check out some of the best snatches from the men's 94 kg class at the American Open this past weekend. But please remember, these are high level lifters that have been honing in their technique for years. They may do little things that look different, but that's what works for them. It doesn't always mean it's the best thing for everyone. Don't get caught in the details just yet. Get the fundamentals down and then start tweaking. Let these videos inspire you to keep working towards perfection!

Workout for Wednesday, December 14 Snatch 20 min To Build to a Heavy: 1 Snatch (Full Squat from Floor) + 1 Overhead Squat

Back Squat 3X4 @ 80% 2X8 @ 65%

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