Thursday, December 15

OK, I'm just going to throw this out there for those of you that really want to do your best on the 2,000 meter row for time today. It's Rowing WODs breakdown of how to race a 2k from start to finish. It's pretty in depth, but if you're unsure about pacing this longer row (long for CrossFitters), then please watch.

He explains the whole thing then goes through it again as he is rowing. So yeah, it's a little long, but can really help you pace this race properly and get your best time possible.

Also, we need you to track your time on this effort so we can use your 2k PR pace for future efforts, whether it's interval sprints or aerobic work.

Workout for Thursday, December 15 Row 2K for Time

Assault Bike Intervals - 20 Rounds 10 Seconds MAX EFFORT Rest 1:20

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