Tuesday, December 20

As the weather gets colder/wetter/nastier please help us keep the gym tidy by wearing different shoes in so we can keep the gym floor clean and dry for everyone. Also, please hang your coats on the wall hangers or put them on the shelves with your gym bag so we can keep the floor clear and couches open for seating. Thank you, and don't forget to take your boots and coats home with you! It's cold out there and even if you're hot, please bundle up before venturing outside. Also, thank you to everyone that signed up for the 9:30 Saturday class in advance. We know the weather was terrible so if you are not going to make it to class please sign in (or call/email) and cancel your spot. There are people on the waiting list that might be able to come if you can't! Our policy is that you get one no-show and then we will charge a $15 drop in fee if you do not cancel.

Thank you!

One other thing - the weekend schedule is: Friday - 6 am and 8 am only Saturday - closed Monday - closed

Workout for Tuesday, December 20 KettleBell Romanian Deadlifts - Unlocked Knees 5X5 Focus is on keeping spine neutral, mid back tight, and hip hinge.

14 min AMRAP 20 Sit Ups 60 Double Unders 11 Hang Power Snatch (75/55)

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