Tuesday, December 27

Back to a full schedule today. Hope you had a great holiday weekend and you're ready to get back to work and maybe burn off a few of those cookies! Last time we had double under work scheduled I told you that the best single thing you can do to get better is just to practice them as much as possible. That still holds true, but if you just need something to focus on, check out these three drills from Invictus to get you better at double unders!

Workout for Tuesday, December 27 6 min of DU Practice If you have DU, 1 min Max DU, Rest 1 min for 6 min

"Jackie" For Time: Row 1,000m 50 Thrusters @ 45# 30 Pull UPs

Pull Up Practice Kipping Pull Ups, Weighted Pull Ups, Negative Pull Ups Ring Rows, Bar Rows, etc. Spend the remainder of class practicing improving pull ups!

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