Wednesday, December 28

It's Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend to any class time today to experience CrossFit for the first time! Don't forget that registration for the next round of Fueling Activity ends this Friday, December 30. If you're ready to commit to eating the right foods to give you the energy to perform in the gym and change your body then Fueling Activity is for you. Sign up at the gym and you'll receive the week one plan this Friday night!

Here's a testimonial from the most recent cycle of the nutrition plan:

"In one month I lost 1.5 inches around my waist, 4 inches around the navel and 15.2 pounds! I had always been under the illusion that I needed to starve myself to 'lose weight and feel better' - this program absolutely debunks that myth. The food is easy to prep, is all stuff that I love and, at the start, I had trouble even finishing the amount of food there was. My energy levels skyrocketed and I noticed my energy output during workouts was far greater. The other great part is that this program is absolutely fool-proof. Everything is measured and timed based around when you workout (morning/afternoon/evening/off-day). That for me was great because I was never left to my own devices. Plus, having already meal-prepped everything for the week, there was never really excuse to stray from the program. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone!!"

Workout for Wednesday, December 28 Tempo Goblet Squats 5X3 with 3 Second Descent, 2 Second Hold in Bottom, 2 Second Accent

EMOTM for 14 min Odd: 10 Ball Slams (30/20) + Max Effort Calories on Bike Even: Rest

5 min Cool Down

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