Friday, December 30

Weekly Roundup! Full schedule this weekend: Elements and weightlifting at 8:30 am CrossFit at 9:30 am - advance sign up required (and don't forget to cancel if you can't make it) Aerobic Capacity at 10:30 am

1. This is by far the best rap about growing real food and healthy eating from 2016.

2. Keep driving your legs! Here's a good explanation of that from weightlifting coach Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics. The video shows how to keep driving the legs in the clean and snatch pull, and although you'll start your pull under the bar faster in the full lift, you need to keep driving into the ground. Hopefully this will help you finish tall in that triple extension position we're always talking about!

Workout for Friday, December 30 Back Squat 3X3 @ 80% 3X2 @ 85%

Open WOD 11.4 10 min AMRAP 60 Bar-facing burpees 30 Overhead squats (120/90) 10 Muscle-ups

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