Monday, January 2

We know it's not great to sit at a desk all day. Sitting, or being sedentary in general leads to all sorts of health and mobility issues - not to mention how hard it is to come in and try to do workouts that demand intensity and mobility after sitting still all day. So what do we do? One technique I've been looking at lately is the Pomodoro Technique. This technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo as a productivity strategy, but I've heard it referenced recently as a health and wellness plan.

The Pomodoro Technique is simply a way to measure time in 25 minute segments to track productivity and help plan your work. However, if you use the 25 minute timer to remind you to get up and move around for a few minutes you can start to mitigate the effects of sitting still all day.

Try setting a timer on your desk to see if it helps you be a little more active throughout the day. You may find you feel better when working out and need less warmup and mobility work to be ready for the workout of the day. And who knows, you might just be more productive at work, get that big promotion and make lots more money!

Here's an article with more information on the Pomodoro Technique and below is a short video explaining how to use it.

Workout for Monday, January 2 EMOTM for 10 min 5 Push Jerks (115/85) *Practice cycling reps quickly and efficiently!

25 min Not For Time - Complete the Following: 10 Hand Over Hand 50' Sled Pulls 5X5 Landmine Rows 5 Sets of ME Chin Ups (or 2 negative chin ups)

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