Thursday, January 5

“The greatest adaptation to CrossFit takes place between the ears.” These are the words of CrossFit founder Greg Glassman and I think they can be an inspiration for us as we set goals and approach the new year.

There are a million inspirational quotes, posters, videos, songs, etc, etc out there that may give you a little push to do your best, but when it comes down to it, those things will only take you so far.

Until you believe in yourself, until you decide to make a change, until you decide to be the best version of yourself none of that other stuff matters.

I heard a coach say recently, "I can inspire you, but I can't motivate you."

Your motivation has to come from within. You have to want it. And you have to believe you can do it. Because you can.

We've all been changed in some way by CrossFit. You know what I'm talking about - more confidence, physically stronger, different approach to difficult tasks and so on. So don't think that all we are doing in here is physical. Your mental, emotional and spiritual health can all change though a physical practice.

Don't let your brain hold you back. Believe in what you can do and go after those 2017 goals with everything you have.

Workout for Thursday, January 5 Open Workout 16.3 7 min AMRAP 10 Power Snatches (75/55) 3 Bar Muscle Ups

Rest 7 min

3 Rounds for Time: Row 500m 9 Overhead Squats (105/75)

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