Friday, January 6

Happy Friday everyone! Don't forget to register for the In-House competition on January 28! Scaled and RX divisions for men and women!

Time for the Weekly Roundup!

1. A lot of people ask which is better for toes to bar, straight legs or bent legs. The answer isn't definite and it's more of a "which do you like?" scenario. Here's a quick video from Invictus showing both ways and explaining the differences. The main point is that the straight leg version requires more flexibility but less lat strength. So, try both ways and see what feels better to you!

2. How to Become a ‘Superager’ - from the NY Times.

Want to remain mentally sharp well into older ages? Then physical and mental challenges are what you need!

Of course, the big question is: How do you become a superager? Which activities, if any, will increase your chances of remaining mentally sharp into old age? We’re still studying this question, but our best answer at the moment is: work hard at something. Many labs have observed that these critical brain regions increase in activity when people perform difficult tasks, whether the effort is physical or mental. You can therefore help keep these regions thick and healthy through vigorous exercise and bouts of strenuous mental effort.

Think about the last time you grappled with a math problem or pushed yourself to your physical limits. Hard work makes you feel bad in the moment... (but) Studies suggest that the result is a more youthful brain that helps maintain a sharper memory and a greater ability to pay attention.

3. Anyone?


Workout for Friday, January 6 Hip and Front Rack Mobility

20 min to Build to Heavy 1 rep Clean and Jerk

3 Rounds for time: 10 Cal Assault Bike 10 Clean and Jerks (135/95) *Power Clean + Push Jerk

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