Thursday, January 19

Attention weightlifters! If you're interested in competing in the American Open coming to Grand Rapids in September be here by 8:15 am this Saturday for a quick informational meeting before the weightlifting class.

The CrossFit Games Open is right around the corner. This is our big test of fitness each year and it's a great community event!

The Open features one workout a week for five weeks and the workouts are announced on Thursday night at 8 pm Eastern. You have until 8 pm Monday to submit your score. So go sign up and join the CrossFit 616 team here! We want as many people on the team as possible so we can rank as high as possible as a gym.

We will have Friday Night Lights again in 2017 so we can get as many people together as possible to run the Open workout each week. Having the support of your fellow 616ers makes a huge difference when testing yourself!

We will also run the Open workout on Saturday from 9:30 to 11:30 am for those that absolutely can't make it Friday night.

The Open workout will be the workout of the day on Friday but we will run it like a normal class. This means we will not be judging and scoring the workout during the class times. It has become impossible to run classes and try to get multiple heats of the workout in with our current class sizes. We can't warm up the second and third heats properly, get enough judges, and do the workout in one hour.

During the Open (Feb. 23 - March 27) our Friday class schedule will be as follows: 6 am 7 am 8:30 am 12 pm Open Gym - 2-5:30 pm Friday Night Lights - 6-8 pm

One other thing, we going to a have head-to-head matchup of the Open workout as soon as it's announced Thursday night. We will have two people go head to head in a workout as soon as they know what it is. More details on this as we approach Feb. 23, but we'd love to have a group here during the Open announcement to cheer them on.

OK, so you can't make it Friday night or Saturday morning, what do you do? You can do the Open workout during Open gym times on Friday or Monday, but you will need to bring a judge! Also, if a Friday morning class is the only time you can do the workout you can bring your own judge. Unfortunately we can not provide a staff member to everyone that needs a judge from a numbers standpoint so please ask a friend to judge.

During Friday Night Lights and Saturday mornings when the Open workout is scheduled we will be fully staffed and judging, but we'll still need your help. So if you have someone judge you, you get to judge someone else.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something so let me know if you have questions. More details on the head-to-head match ups and Friday Night lights will come soon.

Workout for Thursday, January 19 Turkish Get Up Practice - 15 min

4 Rounds for total time, each round is MAX EFFORT! Row 20/15 Cal Ride 15/10 Cal Rest 2 min after each round

Spend remainder of Class Time Mashing and Stretching

Note: The focus of the day is the intensity of the workout. It should be approached with 100% effort and highest intensity possible!

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