Wednesday, January 25

It's Wednesday FriendsDay! Bring a friend to any CrossFit class today to try it for the first time!

Here's some info for those of you that are competing this Saturday in the In-House Competition. We know it's the first competition for some of you and first and foremost we want you to HAVE FUN!

Don't put a lot of pressure on yourself. Show up and do you best and you will be happy. Don't look back thinking you could have pushed harder.

Most people will want to take it easy on Friday. Some people like to come in and move - rowing, biking or just some mobility work may make you feel better on Saturday. If you feel like you need a rest day, take it.

You should be fine working out Wednesday and Thursday. If you see something on the schedule that you think might make you extremely sore, be smart and back off the weight and/or number of reps. Just let your coach know and we can adjust. (Usually it's the high volume of reps that make you more sore.)

Make sure you're getting plenty of sleep and eating well in the days leading up to the competition. And make sure you're drinking plenty of water - a 1% drop in hydration can lead to a 10% drop in performance.

Don't eat anything you're not used to in the next few days and on competition day. An upset tummy is no fun during a CrossFit comp.

As far as what to eat on Saturday it's sort of up to you, but be realistic. A lot of people will bring chicken breasts and salad, but never end up eating it. You'll need some quick burning carbs like fruits and bars (RX, Cliff, etc.). Make sure it's nothing that will upset your stomach.

Make sure you're staying hydrated on Saturday too! You don't need anything special to drink besides water, but make sure you are drinking it.

Now, like I said before, HAVE FUN! You'll have the full support of your 616 family and there is no pressure to do anything but your best.

There are always things you can not control, so only focus on the things you can. Warm up properly, go at your pace and don't let outside influences change your approach.

Good luck to you all. You should be proud of yourself for signing up and challenging yourself. Excited to see you all compete!

One last piece of advice from Games coach Ben Bergeron - Let 'em go!

Workout for Wednesday, January 25 KB Romanian Deadlifts - Focusing on Hip Hinge 5 sets of 5 reps Focusing on Position of Back and Hip Hinge

15 min AMRAP Bike 11/7 Calories 9 C2B Pull Ups 10 Russian KB Swings (2/1.5) 11 Sit Ups

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