Thursday, January 26

Here's the timeline for Saturday: In-House Competition - Invite your friends and family to watch and cheer you on! Volunteers arrive 8:30 am for briefing and job assignments Athlete Registration 8:30-8:50 am Athlete Briefing 9 am Workout 1, Heat 1 9:30 am Competition ends by 1 pm

Holiday Party at Fifth Third Ballpark 7-11 pm There will be light hors d'oeuvres provided and a cash bar

Over the last couple of weeks I've mentioned the original CrossFit Firebreather Greg Amundson. I told the story of how the term Firebreather came to exist and challenged us all to be Firebreathers based on my interpretation of that term - pushing yourself and giving all you have.

Turns out Amundson has a new book out called Firebreather Fitness and he gives his tw-pronged definition of a Firebreather:

1. One who embraces the trials and tribulations of great physical opposition with an indomitable spirit, and 2. An optimistic energy associated with the heart of an athlete.

His definition is much better than mine, but it's still something we can all embrace. I love the phrase "indomitable spirit" and hope we can all have an "optimistic energy" every day.

I'm continuing my challenge to you all to become Firebreathers in 2017. There are plenty of trials and tribulations out there, so keep your spirit and energy high and face these challenges head on!

Workout for Thursday, January 26 Barbell Complex - 20 min to find Heavy Complex 1 Power Clean 1 Hang Full Clean 1 Jerk 1 Hang Full Clean 1 Jerk *Bar Doesn't Touch Floor Until After Last Jerk!

Back Squat 5X3 @ 75% to 80% with NO PAUSE AT TOP *Still smooth and controlled tempo down and up, just no stop at top.

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