Wednesday, February 1

Fueling Activity Sign Up is THIS WEEK! There will be a clipboard on the front whiteboard where you can sign up. If you're not a member of CrossFit 616 that's fine too! Anyone can sign up. The group will start this Friday, February 3rd and run through March 3rd. The cost is $50 for the month. This gets you the meal plans each week, recipes, grocery lists, part of the FaceBook Group for support and help, and one-on-one nutrition coaching to reach your goals.

Fueling Activity is a nutrition plan that TEACHES you how to eat in order to fuel your body for performance, strength gains, and recovery...all while maintaining lean muscle mass and shedding body fat. This plan will help you form habits that you can continue forever. If your goals are different, the plan is easily adjusted to meet your needs too. The whole month is meal prep based, meaning you'll cook 90% of your meals on the weekend so that you're prepared to follow the plan during the week. We've had great success for those who have followed it over the past several months and we can't wait to help teach more people how to find success through nutrition!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Email for more info!

***After this group your next chance to sign up for a new month will be in the beginning of April. Fueling Activity will be taking a vacation for a month at the conclusion of the upcoming group.***

We're still trying to get Ron to eat his vegetables.

Workout for Wednesday, February 1 T-Spine Mashing and Mobility 5 min Mobilizing Whatever You Need to Work On

30 min Not For Time: 5X7 Landmine Rows Accumulate 5 minutes of Heavy Object Holds Accumulate 4 minutes of Side Planks on Each Side Accumulate 2 Minutes of L-Sit Holds on Parallettes

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