Thursday, February 2

Snatches and overhead squats - some people love them, some people hate them. I'd venture to guess that most people that don't like these movements have some sort of movement/mobility issues that makes these lifts extra difficult.

It's not that the weight on the bar is heavy, it's just that our bodies don't want to go to the positions needed to successfully move the bar when overhead. The nervous system is sensing danger and shuts the body down so we aren't forcing our joints into positions they shouldn't be in.

That means mobility work and work with light or no weight is required to teach our bodies how to get in the right position and reprogram our nervous system to allow us to get to those positions quickly.

Here's a quick video from Mobility WOD with a couple of hip openers and a couple of upper body openers to prepare for snatching/overhead squatting. Try these before you lift tomorrow if you need some help getting in good positions.

Workout for Thursday, February 2 Snatch Complex - 18 min to find Heavy: 1 Snatch from Power Position 1 Snatch from Top of Knee 1 Snatch from Floor

9 min AMRAP 3 Handstand Push Ups 3 Overhead Squats (135/95) 6 Handstand Push Ups 3 Overhead Squats 9 Handstand Push Ups 3 Overhead Squats 12 Handstand Push Ups 3 Overhead Squats 15 Handstand Push Ups 3 Overhead Squats Continue Increasing HSPU by 3 each round.

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